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9 Home Remedies for Knee Pain

June 17, 2024

As you may be painfully aware, knee pain is very common. Global estimates suggest that more than 1 in 5 adults age 40 and over…

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Why Friends Are Good for Your Health and Well-Being

June 3, 2024

When her father died, Margarite Avendano found herself “a little bit alone” after tending to him full time as his health declined.  As a caretaker,…

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Does Alcohol Raise Blood Pressure?

May 19, 2024

Talk about taking some of the “happy” out of happy hour. Experts have known for a while that heavy drinking — meaning eight or more…

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6 Common Blood Pressure Myths, Debunked  

May 6, 2024

Nearly half of all U.S. adults and more than 60 percent of those over the age of 60 have high blood pressure, putting them at increased…

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I Lost a Tooth — Now What?

April 22, 2024

Losing a baby tooth when you were a kid might have been exciting, and even profitable if the Tooth Fairy was generous. And, as a…

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7 Ways to Travel the World From Home, Virtually

April 8, 2024

Although a lot of people think that virtual reality (VR) is just for video games, the technology can provide older adults with ways to immerse themselves in…

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