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Bridge To Belonging

A Touchpoints Program bringing joy, purpose and belonging to those with mild cognitive impairment and early-to-moderate dementia.

When someone you love needs more than Assisted Living, but is not ready for
Memory Care, our concierge-level program can help them live their very best life.

Honoring the individual

MEMBERS OF BRIDGE TO BELONGING can participate in all group events from breakfast to dinner seven days a week, or pick and choose which activities and times they prefer. The small group setting allows staff to really get to know each person, uncovering what best motivates them to join in an event. In addition, as the group evolves, events and discussion topics will change to meet their needs. Bridge To Belonging is open to our Assisted Living residents who meet specific criteria.


Bridge To Belonging

4 Key Elements

According to the National Institutes of Health, people who engage in personally meaningful and productive activities with others tend to live longer, boost their mood, and have a sense of purpose. Studies show that these activities seem to help maintain their well-being and may improve their cognitive function. With the right daily routine, a person can engage with their whole self-emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social-and not feel as though they have lost parts of themselves. Our structured program touches on:



Learning new facts and skills they have always wanted to learn, and having new experiences.


Participating in conversations about present life while sharing their expertise and wisdom.


Having fun and firing up the brain through music and dance.


Connecting as a human being with other group members by expressing frustrations, finding a sense of purpose through community service, and gaining insight into their place in the world.

Sample programs include: The Art of Listening to Music, Mind-Body Connection,
World Events Lecture Series, Kindness Kits for the Community, More Than Memory,
and Eating for Better Brain Health.

Why continuous connection is so important

IN MOST PEOPLE WITH EARLY DEMENTIA, changes come about slowly and progress slowly. So for many, full Memory Care services (dressing assistance or a secured setting) often are not needed for months or even years.

BUT WHILE YOUR LOVED ONE MAY not lack safety skills, what is affected with mild cognitive impairment is the part of the brain that wakes them up and "gets them going" each day. And without this ability they may miss out on conversations, events, and other sources of cognitive stimulation, which can lead to harmful isolation, depression and loss of self-esteem.

WHAT BRIDGE TO BELONGING DOES is offer a small group setting with consistency, predictability, and highly trained staff to help build trust.


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