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Dear Guests:

Thank you for visiting. We appreciate your interest in our exceptional award-winning community, especially at a time when the world is experiencing such dramatic change. The pandemic is affecting us all, albeit in different ways. For you, it may include disruption of your daily routines, favorite pastimes and interactions with loved ones. For us, it includes safeguarding the health of everyone in our community, from residents and family members to the staff, vendors and health care providers we engage with on a daily basis.  

First and foremost, you should know that public health, safety and security within our campus continues to be our highest priority. We are taking exceptional precautions to safeguard the health and well-being of everyone on our campus. (See a list of current safety features and protocols here.) 

We have robust experience in confronting potential threats — including seasonal influenza, Norovirus, fire safety/evacuation, and other hazards with a focus on prevention, along with smart, expedient problem solving when needs arise. While COVID-19 has posed a unique set of challenges to adapt to, our outstanding Village at Belmar staff has the expertise and commitment to engage with the current Coronavirus challenge with skill, confidence, and compassion.

Being a local, independent ownership/management team (as opposed to a large corporation) allows us to be highly responsive and personally involved in making critical, conscientious changes to our daily operating policies and procedures to adapt promptly to evolving knowledge and CDC guidelines around COVID-19. As a result, we’re able to implement real-time measures to provide our residents and associates with safety and security, while supporting our core values of treating each individual with the greatest measure of service, dignity, and compassion. 

We’ve redoubled our commitment to family members, sharing consistent and timely communication to provide timely, transparent information about how operations at Village at Belmar continue to evolve to enhance public health initiatives, resident and staff safety and well-being, family interaction, resident quality of life and staff working environment amidst unprecedented circumstances.

More than five years ago, we began the journey of creating Village at Belmar with an idea. Now, three years since our grand opening, we are proud to say that The Village is home to more than 190 permanent senior residents supported by 125 full- and part-time staff. This extraordinary staff-to-resident ratio is unparalleled in the senior living field.

Last year, the Village at Belmar was awarded the “Best Large Business” by the Jefferson County West Metro Chamber of Commerce. While we’re honored by this distinction, we measure our success by the Meaningful Connections we make every day with our residents, their families, and our staff. The appreciation our staff receives from residents and their families tells a deeper story of the familial nature of this special place.  From staff associates to residents to those of us in management roles, we feel a meaningful connection to each other. This bond shapes the day-to-day passion and focus we bring to adapting our operations — in responding to COVID-19, as well as other changes that occur in the world around us. We think, engage and live it together. As a family. 

Whether you’re considering a move from your current residence or helping a loved one research a new living situation, please take time to explore the many facets of our thriving community. We encourage you to tour Village at Belmar “virtually,” and talk one-on-one with an associate. We are always here to welcome serve you.

Be well, and be in touch!


Phil Shapiro       Tom Finley       Susie Finley
Local Founders, Owners and Management

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